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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. hello and welcome to a special justice investigation. christians under attack. i'm judge jeanine. thanks for being with us tonight. it's the most wonderful time of the year. visions of snow covered tree branches, excitement reflected in the eyes of children. hoping they have been more nice than naughty. but for many christian children only fear and sadness are reflected in their eyes, deadened by the unspeakable torture and abuse they've witnessed. the fact is christians are vanishing before our very eyes in the cradle of christianity, the middle east. this genocide of christian is the agenda of muslim jihadists.
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the more power gained and the more land con kwured by these islamic terrorists, the greater the risk to those of us in the united states. tonight justice investigates with those on the ground and up close who can speak firsthand about the hundreds of thousands of christian massacred in the middle east, as well as the burning of churches some turned into mosques with loud speakers after all crosses are removed. and the sell of destruction of priceless relics, never to be seen again. this christmas in the holy land, the oldest church in iraq, one of the oldest in the world did not celebrate mass in the ancient city of mosul for the first time in 2,000 years. the image of the baby jesus in a manger in swaddling clothes once housed in that church touched by
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history is now instead in a makeshift tent in a refugee camp. think about it. there are virtually no jews in many middle eastern countries. they were slaughtered and forced to flee. and as the world watches with a distant interest, the same is now happening to christian of all sects. as men and women are butchered, children tortured, their severed heads displayed with pride, the leader of the catholic church, pope francis, puts the enormous weight of his pa papacy behind the plight of central american children already in the united states. and he works to normalize u.s. cuban relations. and does nothing more than call for constructive dialogue with muslims over the christian genocide. since when does the catholic church look to mediate the abuse wer the victim. the victim has nothing to mediate. we know that christian women are
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praying for the west to bomb the camp where they are sex slaves to the so-called religious muslims. but they have nothing to dialogue. tonight we're examine whether islam requires the jihad, why and why now, and why there is little action to protect christian around the world. the belief that we in in the united states are immune from this violence is simply naive. and i don't care whether the fbi or the white house wants the call the shooting by hassan or the severing of a woman's head in north carolina about she complained about her killer trying to convert people to islam workplace violence. this is jihad. the lone wolves are here in the united states. america was founded by people who gave up everything, their family bs, their fortune and their livelihood to ensure
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through the first amendment that we would have religious freedom, that quote congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof of abridging the freedom of speech. so why does it feel like we're moving in the direction of our first amendment rights being sub gentleman gaited to the religion of others. when the president says an american should be prosecuted for exercising his first amendment by making a video perceived as negative about islam, when the former secretary of state, hillary clinton says, we need to understand and empathize with our enemies, we are on a downward spiral. our first amendment free speech and freedom of religion are taking a back seat to an insane and brutal political correctness. this is a nation that was
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founded on christian ethics and freedom of religion. muslim law requires that christian and jews are second class citizens. there have been attempts in some states to pass laws requiring to imsigs of law. and in response for this act of america, fought to stop the attempt by requiring american laws for american courts. the imp sigs of sharia law will be to our democracy. this is history repeating itself. but remember, it is to our detriment this time. six million jews were killed in the holocaust while the world looked the other way. martin knee moller, a pastor in a nazi concentration camp put it best. first they came for a socialist
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and i did not speak out because i was not a socialist. and then they came for the juice and i did not speak out because i was not a you. and then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me. let's hope that we speak out soon so others will speak out for us. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter at judge jeanine #justiceopen. christian persecution seems to be at its worst in iraq. my next guest, the vicar of baghdad is fighting to protect religious minorities in the face of overwhelming violence despite the many threats to his other life. reverend of st. george's and go church joins me now. >> pleased to meet you, judge. >> thank you very much. this is a very difficult time in
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history. you were originally from england and you came to iraq 15 years ago and you're known as the vicar of baghdad and you oversee st. george's church, which over the years because of the fighting and the bombings has suffered. but the violences of late is very different. can you tell us about that? >> in the past ten years i have had 1,297 of my people killed. in the last four months i have no idea how many of our people have been killed. they have been slaughtered, they have been massacred, they have been moved to the north and so much of my work now is with the refugees in the north and in jordan and in lebanon. so they've fled all over.
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the other day one of our people phoned me and said, my father, my father, isis came to our home today and they said to my children, they said, will you say that you follow islam and you follow mohammed? otherwise, you're dead. and the children took each other's hands and they said, we can't say that. we have always loved jesus. they said, we've always loved him. he's always loved us. and they shot each of them through the head dead. >> who is protecting the christian? >> well, this is a very real question, judge jeanine. there have been times when we
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have felt we are on our own. but then we have churches and individuals who are standing with us and they're supporting us and are enabling us to come beside our people. and we can tell them that we will never leave you. everybody else might leave you, but we're standing with you. >> when children are killed in front of their parents -- and i was reading something where you say the children were literally chopped in half. is that correct? >> yes, it is. it is. i find it so hard. >> reverend, who is going to come -- where is the pope? where is the catholic church, the anglo again church, where is
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the united states? to me it's a genocide in the middle east. but do christian say -- >> sit a silent genocide. what are people saying? what are people doing? the good thing is that wherever i go, whatever church i speak at, whatever church i tell the story, they support us. so the christian are supporting us. but do you know what? the first people who came to help me were not the christian, they were the jews. they say, we have been here before. we will not leave you. >> what's interesting, cannon white, the jews, there before, the christian were there before the murdering now do it in the name of a religion.
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what is your reaction to that? >> and when religion goes wrong it goes really wrong. and religion has gone wrong. >> this is more than a few psychopaths. this is a united group of muslims. >> yes. and it is not islam who is doing this. most of my friends are muslim. these are just pure terrorists. they're evil people. they cannot do it in the name of any religion. >> why is it, then, that they require people to swear to follow mu hmohammed and to not follow jesus. if you're crazy, why are you picking on a religion? why are you creating a religious state with sharia law? >> you said it, judge. if you're crazy. we're talking about some of the
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most crazy people i've ever met. when religion goes wrong, it goes really wrong. and christianity has gone wrong in the past. look at the crkru saids. now the evil terrorists are doing the same. we can't pretend they're all nice. they're not. they're evil. they're wicked. they're murderers. >> and cannon white, your life has been threatened. you are constantly -- your life is constantly being threatened. you have bodyguards. you're spending the christmas holidays in bethlehem. does your heart break? >> i am. >> do you think that one day there won't be any christianity in the middle east? >> well, the fact is that christianity is the most risk in the middle east as it's ever
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been. and the middle east is where christianity began. it didn't begin in england or america. it is a middle eastern faith and religion. we are celebrating at this time that a little child came to bethlehem. the child of a refugee. and gave us hope. that is who we follow. we follow a middle easterner born as a poverty stricken refugee. >> reverend cannon andrew white, thank you for what you're doing. thank you for being with us this evening. >> thank you very much, judge jeanine. coming up, justice investigates. are christian in america in danger? and vote in tonight's instapoll. what should be done to protect
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christian under attack in the world. facebook or tweet me judge jeanine.
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ing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. the persecution of christian in the middle east has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. and those who remain continue to face unthinkable acts of violence and torture. with me father gerald murray,
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pastor of church of the holy family and a priest and author. what is the catholic church doing about the middle east? >> the pope spoke out about isis and criticize what they're doing and he did call on western government to help them, the fight against isis. i wish he did more, to be honest. i love the pope but i wish this was a little more hard headed because he didn't quite say military action is needed but it obviously is. on the level of the ground, the catholic church is tremendously suffering there and basically the catholics of mosul and iraq, they've, exiled, they're in turkey a turkey. it's a nightmare. >> father, why do you think the pope is so weak on this. i'm going to say it right out. for him not to be concerned
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about his flock, children chopped in half, what is that about? >> i think he is concerned but he's a man who wants to not get involved in military action. and as pope, i would say holy father, your sentiments are good but the reality requires military action. the holy seed does defend the just war doctrine. it's perfectly good for whatever powers of western powers russia to give arm to the iraqi government to fight isis. but it's a complicated question. the pope said we should have a dialogue. think that is no what is needed right now. >> that's absurd. with all due respect it's not a complicated question. you take care of your flock. >> he doesn't have troops at his command. >> he is a wealthy powerful man, you know that, father. >> true. but actually i was looking at the iraqi ambassador praised the pope because he said the pope's word last september helped the western government to intervene. >> how are they intervened. >> the americans are bombing
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isis. >> it's not helping. what is going on with the christian in egypt? >> today the situation is improving. we're coming from 40 years, though, of trauma. over the last 40 years there's been extreme distrust that's been built between christian and muslims and then obviously during the morsi presidency, it was escalated tremendously. >> morsi who was part of the muslim brotherhood. what was happening to christian and churches in egypt? >> during the morsi presidency, churches, being destroyed and burned. mon scarying were being attacked. a thousand christian or kidnapped and killed, men, women and children. but certainly since the presidency now, things are starting to improve. there is cautious optimism on the streets. >> you know, father murray, i mean, i respect the fact that you are, you know, not in agreement with this kind of soft
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approach. but what would you tell catholics in the united states, christians of any sect, what they should do >> well they would be aware of the nature of the fight that we're in. militant islam is not going to go away and we can't coddle it and say, well, it's just a small group of fanatics. this is a group of fanatics t t that's formed an army in syria and iraq. they're recruiting people from the west. we have to support the efforts in this country. >> how? what? >> tell our government leaders they've got to cut down domestically on those recruiting and then have severe penalties for people when they come back. france is being plagued by this. >> in new york city there's talk of, you know, it's profiling if you kind of go after some of the e moms in the mosque. how do you feel about that? >> if the methodist were being sent over to iraq to fight with isis, i think we look at
6:21 pm
methodist churches when they come back to the u.s. just because it's sensitive, doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. >> what can the american christians do? >> i think a great first step was last year pope francis met and exchanged positive sentiment and expressed that they need to work together for protection of the military groups. >> military yes or no. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. and are the u.s. policies partly responsible for the rise of christian genocide? one of north america's top christian leaders on this next. ♪ (holiday music is playing) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event.
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i was thinking about htaking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. islamic radicals continue to murder christian in their path to a caliphate. with me the vicar general of the
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arch die says of north american, father thomas zan. thank you for being here with us. can you ever envision peace in the middle east for christian? >> i think we can. i think we can. because prior to -- for example in syria and iraq, prior to these wars the christian in those countries lived in peace with their muslim neighbors. >> that's a very important point, father. i would like to understand why this genocide -- and i think you agree it's a genocide, yes? >> yes. >> why now? >> we've tried to overthrow governments, we meaning the west, the u.s., whatever, without thinking ahead to what the countries will look like after we remove the governments. we don't like this government or that government and we remove them for whatever reason. but we don't follow through with
6:26 pm
what's going to happen afterwards. so you have a situation in iraq, despite our billions of dollars and tens of thousands of american troops and god knows how many iraqi lives lost and we still have no solid government in place. in fact it's worse now than it has been. and in syria the same thing. we tried so hard to remove the president and the government there without thinking what's going to replace that. we're trying to impose democracy without realizing it has to come from within. >> i hear all of the time about the vacuum that's left after our military leaves these countries and you think of it in terms of the government. but i never thought of that vacuum and impacting christian so much who you say have lived for generations with muslims peacefully. >> despite whatever problems the secular leaders have had,
6:27 pm
they've been secular. and the religious groups have lived peacefully among each other whether it be only because the government has imposed that peace. they've lived freely. they've built churches. they've worshipped freely. there's no -- in syria, you never ask anybody what your religion is. you were syrian, for example, because it was a secular state. is it the best form of government in the world? probably not. but with regard to religious minority, not just christian but all religious minorities, they were considered equal citizens. >> so then the secular governments that may not have been the best in terms of the way we in the united states look at it, did allow for a certain amount of pluralcy. but now what we've got is the extremists who are so far to the right of maybe where assad and
6:28 pm
others, that they are now killing the christian. what should the world be doing to make this right? >> we have to bring peace to syria. >> how? >> peace to iraq. >> how? >> it's difficult now because the cat is out of the bag. we allow, where there never existed, these groups in iraq and syria, we've allowed them to come in and it's hard to uproot them by dropping a few bombs. now only allowed it, but our friends have supported it. we have this mess where nuns have been kidnapped. one of our archbishops has been kidnapped, two archbishops, one of ours. until now we've heard nothing of them. one who is the brother of our new patriarch. priests have had their eyes gouged out. >> so we were living peacefully
6:29 pm
before our intervention? >> yes, the element is from the outside. >> in 2001 the world panicked when the buddhists were destroyed by the taliban. but the a today no one talks about the destruction of them. >> i don't know why. i mean, it seems like when it's christianity nobody seems to care so much. and in fact the program is actually air on the feast of st. stephen, the first martyr of the church from the beginning of christianity. it's kind of appropriate when we talk about martyr dom and churches being destroyed. it's extremism affecting all of the minorities. >> but the vast majority of victims are christian, right? >> actually no. the vast majority are muslims. speaking of syria. >> but in iraq? >> in iraq, it's a different situation because they're
6:30 pm
fighting also among the shiite and the sunni back and forth and the christian are a by prukt of the extremism. and coming up, inside islam. is jihad a religious requirement? that's next. it's just ordinary fleece
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thousands of police officers from across the nation in new york city tonight for the funeral of a new york city police officer gunned down last saturday. vice president joe biden just one of many dignitaries speaking today. outside the schurj, hundreds of officers turning their back ons the mayor. many cops feeling that the mayor is sympathetic with the anti-police protesters. a surprise visitor today. a vatican spokesman saying the visit only lasted a few minutes. he is the man who shot and wounded pope john, ii. he was released in 2000. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." what can be done to protect
6:34 pm
christian from the terrible slaughter. with me now, andrew and here in the studio, counter terrorism expert. andrew, first to you. the first amendment, i'm going to read from your book. but the first amendment says that congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the preexercise thereof. so from your book, sharia versus freedom, i'm going to read a question that you positive it. is jihad a religious right of those calling for it or is a human rights violation against those targeted? >> well i think the short answer without being glib is boast. and that is the conundrum that we face. with we go back and summarize 500 years worth of it, the great muslim intellectual said the
6:35 pm
following. in the muslim community jihad is a religion duty because of the obligation to convert everybody to islam either by persuasion or by force. islam is under obligation to gain its power over other nations. why is it that now all of the sudden we're seeing this flourish? what has happened? >> well, look, judge, this goes back to the empire, the last major caliphate when muslims realized they were losing their grip on areas they had dominated for centuries. >> but that was 100 years ago. >> well, it's been building up steadily ever sense and just gang momentum with various inputs, including jihadist movements in india and eventually the muslim brotherhood in the middle east.
6:36 pm
>> all right, i'm going to you steve. if it's a human rights violation -- and i know you're quoted many times in andrew's books against those people upon whom the jihadists are trying to impose their believes. why is the united states not involved in why is the u.n. not involved? >> there's two organizations. you have to get your hand around. one is the muslim brotherhood, not just over in syria, for example, but here. and between the two of them, they are committed to making islamic speech law the law in the world. and in that you basically can say, for example, if you want to talk about interfaith dialogue, you find out that the muslim brotherhood, start laying down the foundation for it. >> you're saying like the muslim brord hood, c.a.i.r., they're
6:37 pm
trying to penetrate the christian while the more extreme elements want to kill us? >> i would say more importantly that the central question of the day is, is the muslim brotherhood the moderate alternative to al qaeda or are they the entry drug from which everything springs? i come down solidly that they're the entry drug. they're to keep our people babbling around. and what you see is the more the church, the more the christian community has engaged in dialogue, the more they've engaged in the killing action. and their job here is to wring their hands and say, gosh, if we could have one more special meaning. and you will find, for example, business shops in the united states have kicked catholic deacons out of catholic mean's group to explain what the threat
6:38 pm
of islam is because it would interfere with their special relationships -- >> with the imam. that is very disturbing. there are calls by some to allow sharia law in the united states. you wrote the book "sharia versus freedom." trying to make sure that we have american law in american courts and passing laws. we need to pass a law in american to have american law in american courts. but sharia and the constitution incompatible? >> utterly compatible. sharia has certain religious aspects to it but it's a political system that has all of the basic freedoms of the bull of rights, stoeng for adultery, amputation for theft, lashing for alcohol consumption,
6:39 pm
actually killing those who are deemed to be blas fears, discrimination against muslim women but most pronounce edly, all muslims. >> we're in a mess. christian are being slaughtered. but even more shocking is the united states is doing nothing. what needs to be done to stop this slaughter web this genocide of christian? >> i think that, look, judge, one of the things that was disturbing about your earlier guest was the lack of historical perspective. the christian were almost wiped out in the genocide during world war i. you have just a remnant population left there. they have been under attrition. i think that there was a thought to create enclaves. i mean after all israel is an enclave for jews in the middle
6:40 pm
east. lebanon was supposed to be the enclave for christian. that has fallen apart. i think we have to look seriously at the real refugees from the middle east, not the h muslims and relocating them in other parts of the world where they can live in peace. that seems to me to be the only solution. >> all right. stephen and andrew, outstanding guests. thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you, it's a pleasure. coming up, could christian genocide spread to america?
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6:44 pm
democracy. who are the people killing christian and jews in the middle east? tell me. >> basically it's any muslim who believes in the supremacy of the islamic state, believers of the jihadist movements. and that is a cauldron that has opened up because of the vacuum of awakening. even in '87 there were 16 million christian and in 2003 it was down to 1.5 million and now it's down to 200,000. this has created a vacuum in which there's been a genocide against -- >> what we're trying -- what you're saying is you got the extreme muslims who believe in jihad and then you've got the normal muslims who are friends. you're a muslim. you were in the navy >> absolutely. >> i want to read this book. we're both lawyers here. reliance of the traveler. the obligatory character jihad.
6:45 pm
jihad is a communal obligation and jihad is obligatory for everyone. isn't this the law that's used to interrupt the quran and sharia? >> it's the law that dominates jury prudence. and every islamic state of that, that's their definition. but i would tell you the majority of muslims reject that but they haven't -- you know, the time in history that our faith is in right now i believe is the same as what christianity was in in the 17th, 18th century that our founding farthers, and that was a bloody revolution. we muslims need to reject that dak trin of jihad completely. and the only way to reject that is through a battle within the house of muz lime against the thee cats that are dominating 90% plus of the interpretations of our scripture across the
6:46 pm
world, including in the west. >> so why aren't they doing it? >> because journalists and media and government and thought leaders are giving us muslims a pass. we sort of are protect the as a minority here and can practice our state. and yet in the middle east they did reject it. you had egyptians stand up. >> 35 million. >> they rejected the jihad. >> and you know what? that's a great answer. so why is this government? why is the united states being so politically correct and saying, you know, the muslim brotherhood -- and i just had two of the top experts in the nation on this issue. why is our government giving them a pass and not protecting christian in the middle east? >> because we're being wcowards
6:47 pm
about it, we're susceptible to blas fe my laws and we don't have a vision. no one wants to lay down a vegas for the foreign policy in the 21st century that there this is a new cold war where we're threatened by islamists across the planet. these are not lone wolves. these are packs thriving together. our president, department, nobody wants to take sides within the house of islam. they just want to stand back and let them kill each other when in fact the vacuum is getting e filled by i ran and russia. and the liberals with our natural allies on the ground are being abandoned not only the minorities, but genocides of major modern movements in syria because we're not helping. >> what about the catholic church? what's your take on if pope and the papacy? >> you know, i wish they were stronger. i would hope that their strength
6:48 pm
would teach muslims and the planet that if the minority christian disappear from their cradle of civilization from whence jesus came and christianity started, so too would the hope of unity and the hope of christian all over the world. this does not bode well for the catholic church or the christians anywhere. >> thanks for being with us. comes up, what some here in america are going to protect christian around the world. and your response to tonight's instapoll, who should be done to protect christian around the world. facebook or tweet me. i have the worst cold with this runny nose.
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my next guest is from lebanon, the country from which my ancestry comes and he is a friend. he joins me now. tell us what's going on with christians in the middle east. >> judge, christians are some of the oldest christians in the world. and it's true that they have been persecuted in the last 2,000 years. but however we haven't faced an enemy like isil that threaten us for genocide.
6:53 pm
for example, lebanon has been safe haven of christian. in 1986, 25% of the population was christian. now it's only 40%. >> and that is because of the jihad, the persecution? what is going on there? >> it's basically because of the oppression and the persecution that has happened for us over the years. but isil now has a clear -- of eliminating the christians. >> do you have any hope for protecting the christians in lebanon. egypt and lebanon are the two most countries that are most tolerant of christians in the middle east. >> that's true but it's they cannot do anything to protect us to stay there. we need the help of the western world. >> what do you think of the fact they are not helping? >> it amazes us they are sitting
6:54 pm
and watching us being killed. we need to eliminate isil. and that can only happen by military actions to protect us. >> that's not happening. i want to talk about you. you are involved in religious philanthropy. tell us about your work. >> my work is concentrated to preserving our faith in that part of the world and to keep us there. and so to do so, i have built a church. >> we're looking at the screen right now. there's the helicopter that's dropping the cross on your church. >> yes. >> and you commissioned that. this is something you gave to lebanon. you. >> personally. to help us stay there. and also, i have helped in improving the public school, the
6:55 pm
education and public school so the kids, the christians stay in their hometown and they don't leave. it's very important that we do not leave. we are not a minority in this part of the world. we are full citizen of this part of the land. we were there before anybody else, before islam, and we were there. so we're not a minority. we are a full citizen of that part of the world. we will stay there and not leave there. that's our goal in my work. >> my hat's off to you and all the work you are doing to maintain christianity. right now we've got to ask other americans to do something to help christians in lebanon. thank you. and now for the results of our poll. what should be done to protect christians under attack around the world. beat down on jihadi until they hurt too bad to crawl out of their caves. billy says an international manhunt on isis.
6:56 pm
fergie says i don't like it and we stand up for our rights. and kathy says stop aiding the enemy and look out for our own country. and lonnie says aid should be cut off from every country that fails to protect christians and there should be military intervention. lonnie, i agree. the only way that will happen is if americans contact their representatives in congress and demand that the aid stops. and karen says we need peace. attacking extremists makes us just as bad as them. karen are you saying we should just sit by and be slaughtered. and tom says if there are civilians overseas knowing the dangerous of being there, they have no right to help. please some think because you are christian you deserve special treatment. >> first of all, a lot of people
6:57 pm
are there because they need a job and they don't want to sit down by be fed by the government and you're saying we should blame them because they are the victim. and christians are not looking for more rights, christians just don't want to be murdered. is that too much to ask? that's it for us tonight. you don't ever have to miss justice. set your dvr and tell your friends to do the same. friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter. see you next week. [coughing]
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dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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there's no way i could have gotten out. as i sank i lost consciousness. >> louie's courageous story is portrayed in a new movie and book "unbroken." but there's more to his story. >> just unbelievable. told many his own words. >> my life was completely changed ever since. >> louis zamperini, a man


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